13 08 2008

RSS is wonderful stuff, I think of it as my internet paperboy*, hurling a tightly furled bundle of hot fresh news onto my carefully manicured lawn each morning. I’m always sceptical when approaching new technologies, novelty often outweighs convenience and long-term usability and I’m only really interested in things that are going to take root and develop. I’m fairly sure RSS will be one of those things; it saves you going to and fro between your favourite sites for news and new information, bringing the news to you rather than the other way round. I’d like to say this appeals to me because it’s innovative and forward-thinking but the fact is I’m lazy, so if the mountain wants to come to Mohammad that’s fine by me. I prefer to use Pageflakes to view my feeds, I’m very visual so it’s good to have nice little shiny tiles with a feed in apiece to look at. Other people prefer the list format you get when using readers like Bloglines, so I’m interested in finding a way of combining the visual / list approach for the Learning development links on Sharepoint. Also, if anyone knows of an easy way of setting up an RSS feed, I’d be more than happy to find out!




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19 08 2008

When you say ‘an easy way of setting up an RSS feed’, what are you looking for? A way of generating an RSS feed from specific content, or do you want a standalone RSS feed?

19 08 2008
Andrew Day

I’d like to make a feed from this blog and also one from the Learning Development Sharepoint site to update users on new content. I’m guessing this would come under specific content?

20 08 2008

Well, you get a feed from this blog automatically – it’s at – and I’m subscribed 🙂

Sharepoint does support RSS, and you can see an RSS feed for many pages on Sharepoint. For example, there is an RSS feed for your ‘Recent Changes’ page on the wiki. However, I’m having problems using these as they are ‘authenticated’ – i.e. you need to login with a username and password to use them (because they are part of the Sharepoint site, which is all authenticated).

If you read your RSS via Outlook 2007, then because you are already logged in to the Imperial network, it works fine. However, if you use (for e.g.) Google Reader then it doesn’t work.

I would think there ought to be a way of allowing ‘public’ access to the RSS feed, but I can’t see how you do this if it is possible.

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