Delicious bookmarks, delicious cheese

18 08 2008

This week’s Learning 2.0 subject was a bit of a gift, I’ve been using Delicious for a few months now having started out using it to pull together links when I was researching other university’s database help materials. I’d noticed the little blue Delicious buttons on a few websites beforehand but their full significance was lost on me until I figured out that I could type in ‘university’, ‘help’ and ‘database’ as tags for my bookmarks and, magically, all the bits and pieces I’d found on university database help would appear in the same place in my Delicious account. This was pretty revelatory, especially as it meant that for at least part of the day I could stop pretending to be organised and let a web application pick up the slack for me. If you don’t posess a fantastic memory, then Delicious could be for you; I use it as a replacement for my ‘miscellaneous’ draw at home, which usually contains a random selection of important letters, takeaway menus, unread post-it notes and interesting bits ripped out of newspapers. The difference being, of course, that in Delicious I can tag all my random bits of information, bundle it together and, suddenly, I have a meticulously organised personal filing system. On the social side, you have the option to share your bookmarks with friends by using the ‘network’ option. I haven’t used it for work purposes yet, but I do swap recipes with my other half in my hungrier moments during the day; if you have goats cheese and beetroot to hand then this is definitely a good idea:



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