Boy, do I feel special

20 08 2008

A bit of  a first for me: this morning my Google alert for web 2.0 contained a blog entry that looked strangely familiar:

Google Blogs Alert for: web 2.0

Foreign Language Faculty in the Age of Web 2.0
By educationload
Technological skills and understanding how to employ Web 2.0 tools to successfully support pedagogy are vital for foreign language faculty today. By Edwige Simon. Along with extensive teaching experience and promises of excellent
Educationload’s Weblog –

Web 2.0, not everybody loves you

By Andrew Day
It’s been interesting to find that, despite all the enthusiasm for web 2.0, it can also have its problems and limitations. The concept of web 2.0 has been knocking around for a while now and certainly many of its features,

Iggy Pop’s Leg blog –

I don’t know if it’s related, but my hit counter had jumped up by about 15 hits this morning; I’m guessing that everyone else who had a web 2.0 search running on Google alerts probably saw my blog listed as well. So, a good way of getting exposure and a cheap buzz for me – the first time I’ve ever come up on a web search!



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