They did the mash, they did the monster mash (up)

27 08 2008

Mash ups: not, in fact, anything to do with this, this, or this, but a way of taking two or more web applications and combining them to make a single output that intergrates their features. I first heard the term related to music, where people would take vocals from one track and lay them over the music from another:

It was only after reading Peter Bihr’s blog that I became aware of web-based mash ups. They’re clearly a developing medium, as evidenced by some of the rather odd examples I came across on the Mashup Awards website, but there are plenty of genuinely practical applications that should ensure that mash ups are a phenomenon that sticks around. Some good examples inlcude VCASMO, which integrates Slideshare presentations and Youtube videos, Omnisio which does the same, World News Map, which links breaking news specific to nations on a map and Reelz Review which charts new DVD releases and hosts reviews, synopsises and trailers on the same page. I had a quick go on Yahoo Pipes, which allows you to build your own mash ups and came up with this, which uses a tour alert RSS feed and Yahoo maps to show you where the gig you’re going to is.



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