Imperial College students’ use of Facebook

9 09 2008

I did a bit of research, mostly to satisfy my own curiosity, into what students from my workplace actually use Facebook for and surprise, surprise, the majority of their groups are social / leisure based. Most of the Imperial groups seem to be based around sports, department alumni or department freshers and most seem to be student rather than staff led. There were a couple of interesting teaching / learning based groups: Imperial Podcast Listeners is a group for students subscribing to Imperial College podcasts and contains links from staff to new podcasts and advice on how to access them, while the Imperial College ’11 CivEng Maths Answers group is used by students to get help with maths questions from their peers.

Groups for freshers gave information on registration, course content and social events and encouraged prospective students to get to know each other through Facebook before starting their course. Alumni groups centred around reunion events and recruitment while sports / society groups listed fixtures and social events.

I’m not sure how representative this all is, as I only looked at groups, but there aren’t yet any Imperial College applications of Facebook that I could find and my overall impression was that most of the interaction between Imperial students was student led and not study-based.



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