Watch and learn

2 12 2008

Finally, a couple of online academic library tutorials that don’t induce an attack of the cringes, mainly by avoiding design rooted in the mid ’90s and not including annoying running jokes about cats:

The University of Auckland has produced a handsome (if more than a little bit in debt to the Matrix) online tutorial that uses a graphic novel style narrative, about a student researching a project, to guide the user through the library’s services. It incorporates interactive tutorials on the library’s catalogue and a section on help desk FAQ’s.

The University of California offers this tutorial, aimed at students of science, which runs through the scientific method, information literacy, subject based resources, scholarly communication and the peer review process. It also looks good enough to eat.



One response

2 12 2008

The University of Auckland tutorial is incredibly well thought out and produced.

BUT (a big but) – it emphasises to me how broken some of this stuff is:
Why is the reading list not accessible online?
Why does he have to go to a dedicated computer, not access from his mobile?
Why does he have to omit the word ‘The’ from the title search – why is this not just ignored (like Google) or part of the search

I could probably go on, but I shouldn’t. What they have done here is the right thing – a tutorial to allows students to get the most out of their library service. I just find it frustrating that the service isn’t more attuned to their needs in the first place.

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