Boy, do I feel special

20 08 2008

A bit of  a first for me: this morning my Google alert for web 2.0 contained a blog entry that looked strangely familiar:

Google Blogs Alert for: web 2.0

Foreign Language Faculty in the Age of Web 2.0
By educationload
Technological skills and understanding how to employ Web 2.0 tools to successfully support pedagogy are vital for foreign language faculty today. By Edwige Simon. Along with extensive teaching experience and promises of excellent
Educationload’s Weblog –

Web 2.0, not everybody loves you

By Andrew Day
It’s been interesting to find that, despite all the enthusiasm for web 2.0, it can also have its problems and limitations. The concept of web 2.0 has been knocking around for a while now and certainly many of its features,

Iggy Pop’s Leg blog –

I don’t know if it’s related, but my hit counter had jumped up by about 15 hits this morning; I’m guessing that everyone else who had a web 2.0 search running on Google alerts probably saw my blog listed as well. So, a good way of getting exposure and a cheap buzz for me – the first time I’ve ever come up on a web search!

Google works for me now

14 08 2008

I’ve  been wondering how all the bloggers whose work I read find all the information on new resources and developments on the web that they write about. In part this is probably due to good professional contacts in academia and IT, but I imagine a fair few of them are using Google alerts or something similar. Google alerts carries out a by-the-minute, daily or weekly search for terms set by you and then sends you an e-mail with the search results. The interface looks like this:

I opted for a daily alert for searches on web 2.0 and information literacy and I’ve found it’s a good way of finding new blogs, news and media on these subjects. You can opt to search the web, news, groups, blogs, video or a comprehensive search for all five. It’s nice to feel that I’m distracting Mr Google from his plans for world domination by sending him scuttling around the web, filling his arms with interesting web 2.0 titbits and dumping them in my inbox every morning.

Well yes, and here we go…

6 08 2008

So I’ve decided to join the fun; a little late I know but here I am. I have to admit I was a little bit daunted by  the prospect of starting off this blog, must the pressure of being confronted with a blank page, the sight of which more often than not fills me with an acute sense of foreboding. Not that a sense of dread should stop me, if it did then uni would have been a disaster, what with the constant assignment-related jitters. So, as I said before, here we go :

This is my contribution for Week 1: Blogs. Rather than write an oddly self-reflexive blog post about blogs, I thought I’d share a few favourites of mine with you:

Phil Bradley’s weblog is a good no-nonsense review of interesting new developments on the web, and has a nice picture of the author sitting in a plane:

Information literacy meets library 2.0 investigates the application of web 2.0 technologies and communities to academic library work. Peter Godwin, one of its authors, is something of a web 2.0 guru and has a bit of a ‘thing’ for the wild west:

Peter Bihr is a German freelancer; he has a refreshingly informal take on all things shiney and new on the web as well as his own range of t-shirts:

Finally although it’s not a blog, I discovered Songza today. It’s a music search engine that finds free-to-listen audio files and allows you to compile and listen to your own playlists. Handy if you’re checking out bands you’ve not heard before or if, like me, you’re doing statistical analysis and need some tunes to spur you on.