Campaign Alliance for Lifelong Learning

13 11 2008

The Campaign Alliance for Lifelong Learning (CALL) is a non-party political campaign group, pressing for a reverse in the 2 million drop in available adult education learner’s places in the UK. As they put it:

CALL believes our education system should provide:

  1. equality of access to high quality education for all learners (regardless of: class, gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, asylum status or employment status), including a statutory right to learning in the workplace
  2. universal access to basic skills, ESOL and ICT courses and a first level three qualification regardless of age
  3. learner, teacher and community  involvement in all levels of decision-making about their learning wherever it takes place
  4. learning for personal wellbeing and development and the maintenance of local authority adult education
  5. a path out of poverty and disadvantage including widening participation in higher education and the provision of a second chance later in life
  6. a stable, motivated and rewarded workforce of professional practitioners.

It’s in part a move against the government’s employer led training initiatives and, alongside redressing the slide in adult education places, aims to re-engage with the views of employees and trade unions as influences on the provision of life long learning.