Google Chrome: first impressions

4 09 2008

Right, very briefly, as I’ve spent most of the day messing about with Articulate Quizmaker:

1. Google Chrome is boring to look at. Blue, white, primary colours: they’ve really gone to town on this one.

2. The ‘sandbox’ idea is a good one, every other web browser I’ve used freezes completely if one window crashes.

3. I’m still a Firefox loyalist, the not-for-profit aspect appeals to me above any slight increase in functionality Chrome might offer.

4. Google may have accidentally / not accidentally tried to claim ownership of anything created with Chrome:

5. I don’t like the limited customisation options.

6. I’m vaguely anti-Google anyway, so it’s going to take expensive and frequent gifts of cake and wine to win me over. Mr Google, I hope you’re listening…