Web 2.0, not everybody loves you

19 08 2008

It’s been interesting to find that, despite all the enthusiasm for web 2.0, it can also have its problems and limitations. The concept of web 2.0 has been knocking around for a while now and certainly many of its features, social software, collaboration, communities etc, are part of many people’s day to day experience of the internet. However, it just might be that web 2.0 is simply a transitional phase or a diversion on the way to something else; with so many people using the internet and contributing to its content I’d think it would be pretty hard to predict what’s to come next. In the meantime, here are a couple of examples of where web 2.0 can fall down:

Like anything else dependent on a customer base, when web 2.0 sites and utilities get it wrong they can sink without a trace or damage the reputation of the organisation behind them, as this article illustrates.

Likewise, for every Facebook or wikipedia there is a whole heap of web 2.0 dross not far behind; see this piece for a list of the worst web 2.0 sites on the internet.